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Nuceria CSR
Glue or self-adhesive, it is like to be or not to be: the label is.
The label is one of the main communication tools of consumer products. It must be captivating and seductive. This is why we have heavily invested to cover all kind of technologies, from printing to screen-printing, but also flexo, offset and even digital technologies up to 10 colors. We respond to all application needs with a variety of media, special finishes and several effects.
There are boxes that do not hide, but highlight and protect.
We add value and shelf appeal to products with glued cases, die-cuts and multipacks, even for primary contact, with special finishes such as conventional and UV printing, embossing and hot foil on dedicated lines.

With 3 Heidelberg Speedmaster 720x1020 lines we print up to 6 HD and UV Offset colors, and also a group of painting, paper and cardboard, plastic films and microwave.

With 3 Bobst lines, including a Expercut 106 with a poses separator, we supervise the die-cutting with automatic register control up to 9000 sheets per hour.
2 lines of Bobst Expert Fold 80/110 allow us to guarantee a gluing efficiency up to 30km/h.

An integrated Xtende Baumer system enables us to control and read barcodes, to monitor glue presence and volume, and an automatic ejection of the "non-compliant" product.

Bobst Vision foil Hologram
Materials, such as paper and cardboard, up to 1.5 mm
Speed 7500 sheets/h

> Hot print, up to 3 colors on different axes to maximize the print area, with the registry electronic system for the reduction of waste

> With a micro-engraving system, we transfer details of a very fine texture on a normal foil also for hologrammed effects, with custom patterns and random or repetitive drawings such as satins, floral and geometric patterns, scratches, sandblastings.
Flexible Packaging & Sleeves
The flexible packaging sector grows more than 2.2% every year, with an estimate to reach the threshold of 15.5 billion dollars by 2021. Even the sleeves are in absolute growth, improving shelf visibility and allowing designers to create new, more creative solutions. For these reasons, driven even by the trust of our customers, we have decided to start a new division in Nocera dedicated to flexible packaging and sleeves. With a total investment of 6 million euros, we have started a new diversification with a team of industry experts to expand our product family.   A cross-selling strategy based on the genius of our engineers, their skills and know-how made up of mixed experiences gained in the other divisions. All this will no longer make us design by-product, but by-solutions.
With long term experience and many capabilities we are able to support clients with the following technologies:

> Offset combined + silkscreen + lamination for high premium sleeves (cast and cure and holografic effecets) up to 11 colours;
> Flexo combined rotogravure up to 14 colors, with double lamination (cold foil), for special effects;
> Special coverage of the inks (metallic effects), papertouch effects, and to realize thermoglue for special irregular container;
> Digital lines, hybrid and traditional, and thanks to Mosaic software we can print randomic variable data, in order to support you on the personalisation on the shelves;
> Special longitudinal and transverse cuts for tamper-evident seals or other design or recycling needs;
> Bobst MO4 & Possible Retrofit in Salerno plant.
The brand new plant in Nocera Superiore

Over 8000m2 born from an investment of 6.5m euro, is equipped with a completely new technologies.

> 1 Flexo 10 colors with a 1280mm print band + 1 rotogravure group
> 1 solventless Laminatore
> 1 Hp Indigo ws6800 digital
> 1 Die cutting line with labeling for re-closable solutions
> 8.000 m2

End-to-End Approach

Our dedicated specialized team will be at your fully disposal to offer their support in terms of consultancy service from the packaging design phase, collaborating in close cooperation with your creative agency, to choosing the best materials. For our End-to End approach, we do offer the presence of dedicated team in line during the application to make sure that everything is going on the right way. We can also provide, industrial mockup on shrinkable material, with all the finishings of a real printing test. Moreover thanks to a steam tunnel in house, we can also support you for application of sleeves on the container ( glass or plastic ), up to 15,000 sku.

We have great experience from printing in PVC, PET, OPS materials to tamper evident solutions.


nuceria flexible packaging


multi/verso z!p
We supply packaging adhesive tapes, neutral, colored, printed for maximum customization of secondary packaging.
The consumables division, a full packaging support of all other packaging elements with ribbons, stretchable elements, adhesive tapes, cliché, etc, is living a deep evolution in security. The supports can be made in poliyvinylchlorid (PVC), polypropylene (PP) or paper with natural rubber-based or solvent-based adhesives, hot melt synthetic rubber and acrylic latices in aqueous dispersion. The ribbons for thermal printers can also be realized with wax, wax/resin or resin. The possibility of producing tamper evident seals, designed for the protection of products, especially in the pharmaceutical field, allows us to create custom void tapes for every need.
We never stop in front of a challenge
but we design together with you new packaging solutions intended to be perfectly integrated with the rest of the pack and to respond to sustainability requirements. Thanks to the knowledge of materials and technologies, a team of designers and engineers support the customer to create innovative packaging able to better communicate the value of the brand.

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