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Nuceria CSR
25 Feb 2020

The aroma of ideas


The global coffee packaging market is expected to see remarkable growth throughout the forecast period, primarily due to the increase in demand for coffee.


Coffee packaging keeps coffee fresh for longer time and has a direct impact on the taste of the beans. In addition, every coffee producing company needs to distinguish itself from its competitors and packaging is one of the easiest ways to achieve it. The companies are thus striving to introduce innovative, airtight, and attractive coffee packages since recent past. Manufacturers in coffee packaging market are also inclined more towards making their products user friendly. They are taking efforts in promoting their packaging products in diverse geographies, without any language barrier. 



Folding Boxes

Paper and paper board is expected to be the fastest growing material type. We  experienced with many customers premiurisation was possible with dripp off varnishes in order to embellish – even with embossing – the printing phase  in only one single step. With uptodate printing line up to 8 colours, and fully automised gluing line we are great partner for any kind of design. Thanks to our RD team we are able to support with our customer aiming to achieve a new look with  historical brand helping to reach the eye catching appeal on the shelves. 


Flexible Packaging 

Plastic is anticipated to be the second largest material type segment. 

We print #pouches, stand-ups and vacuum-packs with maximum reliability of sealing and Oltrepremium special finishes with glossy, matt, solder and cold foil applications and stamping varnishes that increase shelf appeal and protect the product from changes. A wider range for:

#capsules with laminates for lid able to guarantee a perfect sealing on the caps and improve the performances of packaging lines and high barrier laminates for secondary packaging;

#coffebeans with high barrier laminates with great mechanical performances allowing the most hermetic guarantee and protection of each packed bean.



The coffee industry has a complex supply chain and for many coffee retailers, particularly organic and fair-trade coffee roasters, sustainable sourcing is crucial at every step. Finding truly eco-friendly packaging which aligns with a sustainable brand promise has long been a challenge for many coffee retailers. Coffee consumers are more conscious than ever about the effect their purchases have on the environment and reducing waste will help your brand to stand out.


It is also important to ensure that every element of your packaging is compostable, otherwise you run the risk of contaminating the composting process. Many brands make the effort to use compostable bags, forgetting that the zipper closure, valve, and label must also be compostable. 


Thanks to our cross selling range of products we can be the right partner for a sustainable new packaging concept in the industry.


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25 Feb 2020