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Nuceria CSR
Label to drink with eyes.

We create perfectly artistic labels, where art is perfect only through the research of a total customer satisfaction. And we let you choose from an infinite combination of materials, inks and special finishes, to make your products even greater.

Nuceria offers to customers all kinds of labeling (wet glue, self-adhesive, roll feed, cut & stack, wash-off, shrink sleeves) but also cases and clusters to provide an integrated service with maximum quality and efficiency.


We pack your idea.
Folding Boxes
Roll fed label

self-adhesive labels

Paper-glue label

Etiquettes cut & stack

Wash off label

Roll fed label
Printed roll label of pearly white or transparent polypropylene film up to 10 colors
used for soft drinks, fruit juices and mineral waters on PET bottles.
self-adhesive labels
Self-adhesive label printed up to 12 colors
with foils, screen printing, embossing and special coatings for glossy effects on shelf.
Paper-glue label
used for glass bottles and plastic containers. It can be printed flat and enhanced with hot or cold foil, and also die-cut to obtain the desired shape. Ideal for beers and mineral waters.
Cut & Stack label
Label printed on pearly white polypropylene film, transparent or even print up to 10 colors, it is applied to the bottle through
precut labels used for soft drinks, fruit juices and mineral waters on PET bottles.
Wash off label
label studied for returnable bottles
thanks to its transparency it is perfect for a "no label look" effect on the bottle
a "green" solution for beers and HO.RE.CA. mineral waters.
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Flat cardboard ables to contain 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 bottles between 0.25 and 2.0 liters. A customized product in different weights 100% recyclable and made from renewable sources.
Rispetto della Velocità

Rispetto del Fascino

Shrink sleeve

Rispetto della Velocità
Più tenuta ed efficienza con film mono-strato o accoppiati
Rispetto del Fascino
Soluzioni di grande appeal, dalla progettazione alla sleeveratura in-house
Shrink sleeve
We utilize high-shrinkage materials (PET, PVC and OPS) for air or steam ovens, to customize even the most irregular containers and ensure a strong shelf appeal with partial and total body solutions and tamper evident seals. We utilize a combination of printing techniques (offset/flexo/ silk-screen printing) and we also decorate your packaging with hot foils, cust&cure and braille coatings. We produce 3D digital mock up for a 100% guaranteed result.
We use combined printing techniques (offset / flexo / screen printing) and decorate your pack with hot plates, cust&care and Braille coatings.
We realize digital 3d mock up for a 100% guaranteed result.
More than a packaging: tailored services on the customer needs.
The satisfaction of our customers does not end with the delivery of a label printed in full compliance with the technical speci cations required. To build a reliable partnership, and especially a long-lasting partnership, we have thought to provide them a customized and flexible service, a fast service with reliable answers.

Support for new designs and mockup in 24 hours:
For every promotional or experimental need, we realize new packs with 3D software, digital lines and cutting plotters in only 24 hours. For new design and prototypes, even for a small quantity, we always say yes.

We are able to offer specialized consultations to improve the sustainability of your packaging through the use of total environmental-friendly solutions, but also thanks the optimization of your production waste.

Small lot and express delivery:
Targeted investments in HP Indigo digital lines and procedures inspired by Lean logic ensure maximum management flexibility, even for minimal lots. We support our customers to help them to be positive towards market opportunities and to react with immediacy to exceptional unplanned needs.

Nuceria lab:
The creative engine of the group, it is composed of specialized engineers that develops innovati-ve solutions, even through virtuous collaborations with research institutes and other supply chain partners, but especially through training meetings with creative peo- ple and agencies where we analyze together new market trends.

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