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Nuceria CSR
The good things you like do not lie

The taste alone is not enough. You need something special, because confectionary products, especially those very sweet, must touch the consumers, must steal their heart, and enchant them to win against their purchase routine. A large part of our resources is always dedicated to develop new solutions of packaging, finishes able to move and make a difference on the shelf.

The genius in the box

We have visions. Our engineers have visions and develop innovative solutions in tune with the always changing tastes of the end user. Because for us the customer always comes first. And when the difference is in the details, we can give a touch of elegance to the pack on all types of materials.

The taste alone is not enough.

Each wrapper has its application that requires specifics of security and protection for the food, and the taste alone not enough to make an effective package. This is why most of our resources are dedicated to develop new packaging solutions, finishes able to arouse emotions and make a difference on the shelf.

The customer always comes first.

We respect the regulations. Thanks to our internal laboratory we carry out all the necessary controls such as, for example, the Robinson test to determine the transmission of odors of packaging.

Folding Boxes
A label to tame them all
With more than 40 production lines, also in reverse printing and with materials from FSC and PEFC supply-chains for environmentally sustainable solutions, we print self-adhesive and wet glue labels with every type of finish including hot foil up to 3 sheets in just one step. We manage the pre-print with ESKO software, for the automated production of printing plants. Additional controls ensure that we use the lowest possible amount of volatile substances and heavy metals, and that we eliminate all the elements which can cause potential changes of the food content. With BST Shark Lex 4000 inline inspection systems, we guarantee a 100% check of the print on 100% of all the line processes.

Effects to be seen without 3D glasses
Lenticular Effects
Thanks to a patented process, we can print 3D films that maximize shelf appeal and get the maximum uniqueness with infinite three-dimensional effects. The imprinted images can be multilayer, adapted in a way they can be shown on different levels so as to float above or below the surface of the film. Or they can be placed in such a way that they seem to disappear, appear or move when the pack is tilted or rotated.

Linerless label for sustainable solutions
Rigid labeling solutions suitable for banding of the most common food trays.

Promotional labels
With advanced coupling systems, we can achieve multi-page/coupon labels with different finishes, while with digital lines we ensure serialization of each product for naming marketing. We customize the labels by inserting into the graphic barcodes, texts, images and even photos which can be changed from one printed piece to the next, creating the uniqueness of a pack.
Paper glue labels paper labels

Paper glue labels
Perfect for container of products such as jam, marmalade and chocolate. We print with mono-coated, natural or special finished papers, multiple foil, high deep, micro-engraving andembossing.
Fold, sweet fold
Punched and glued multipacks, cases that combine functionality, safety and especially appeal: for us it is necessary to preserve the specific use of the product for the entire duration of its shelf life and highlight the brand to catch the customer's eye. The packages we offer are solid cardboard cases, coupled with plastic film and microwave, created to contain a large variety of articles. We support private chain stores for the toughest challenges of the brand decoration, even with microwave and barrier lamination able to resist fat, or embossing plates with up to 3 colors foils. All our printing lines use low migration inks, while to make package windows we use completely solventless technologies. Supportiamo le catene private label per le sfide più dure della brand decoration anche con microonda, plastificazioni barriera in grado di resistere al grasso o embossing con lamine fino a 3 colori.Tutte le nostre linee di stampa utilizzano inchiostri low migration, mentre per le finestrature adoperiamo tecnologie completamente solventless.

Free creativity in a free box
The Nuceria Lab free customers fantasy. The knowledge of consumer’s tastes and the ability to give shape to ideas and insights, even on an industrial scale and at a reasonable cost, guide the team who, with dedicated CAD stations and plotters in house, is also able to develop mockups, perfect existing products for example by adding anti-counterfeiting solutions or provide support for the reworking of the graphics and/or of the structure of existing products, for new proposals or projects with ESKO software.
Wrappings for chocolate bars

Fine cases for chocolates

Cases for chewing-gum

Wrappings for chocolate bars

We print, on paper or cardboard, flat or glued wrappings with special finishes such as multiple foil, high deep, micro-engraving and embossing.
Fine cases for chocolates
We develop special design also with internal housings to design integrated packaging. We print with materials suitable for direct contact with the product and with special finishes such as multiple foil, high deep, micro-engraving and embossing.
Cases for chewing-gum
Impressive packaging to improve the impact with the end customer.
Sleeves, IML, Z!P
We print sleeves, IML and flexible packaging even for primary contact, specifics packaging for each application and use condition. We support you in the preliminary design stage identifying the most suitable material to make labels compatible with containers in polypropylene, polyethylene and polystyrene, both on white or transparent media, with UV or conventional technology.
Sleeves for special-shaped cans

Sleeves for special-shaped cans
packaging for each type of container, even from the particular forms.
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