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Nuceria CSR
We never stop in front of a challenge

we design together with you new and integrated packaging solutions
which respond to sustainability requirements.

A team of designers and engineers, thanks to the knowledge of materials
and technologies, supports and helps the client to achieve innovative
packaging able to communicate the best brand value.




Reverse printing

Aluminum printing

3d Label

Random numbering

Scratch-off label

packaging system made with a multilayer film and a label that allows opening and reclosing. Used for the majority of solid, granular and powder foods, both fats and moist. Applicable on vertical packaging, flowpack and container. This solution permits you to open and close the packaging reducing the plastic waste and preserving the product longer.
book-label (up to 30 pages) with special removable plastic closure. The booklet can be reclosed in case of break-in attempts on the shelf. Useful solution to manage in a single product different content for foreign markets.
Self-adhesive multipage labels (up to 6 overlapping pages) to communicate in a small space all the information to your customers.
reverse printing
Stickers printed up to 12 colors (front and back) and with any foil Realization of log stickers Support for customizable Liner
aluminum printing
printing on aluminum foil or on metal foil (gold or silver) as an alternative to pewter label. Suitable for special/limited edition.
3d label
3D film customized with die. Possibility of printing on the back. Adhesive coating and application on label or case.
random numbers for prize competitions and/or for sterilization requirements. Printed on sticker or on paper/cardboard front and back.
Scratch-off label
“Scratch and win” for labels and promotional coupons.
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