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Nuceria CSR
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There are those who predict the future. We create it.
We build it with the advances we make in our Research and Development department and with the technology that we constantly update and finance with 3% of our annual turnover. With over 20 employees, including engineers and operating technicians, the R&D team operates on all the plants, developing research ideas and projects for brand new solutions of packaging. Through this department, we have launched dynamic collaborations with universities and research centres and remain at the forefront of developing new packaging solutions.

With this department, we have launched energetic collaborations with universities and research centers in order to stay always ahead for the new packaging solutions. We are able to create mock-up for every need for experimentation. Thanks to 3D software, digital printers and cutting plotters (for cases and labels), in just 24 hours we can produce new prototypes. we pack your ideas.

We never stop in front of a challenge
but we design together with you new packaging solutions that go in the direction of integrating perfectly with the rest of the pack and to respond to sustainability requirements. A team of designers and engineers with the knowledge of materials and technologies, alongside and supports the customer to create innovative packaging able to better communicate the value of the brand.

Nuceria Lab
the creative engine of the group, is a team of experienced engineers in materials, products and technologies who are able to see things that others do not see and try things that others do not try. And, thanks to this, we can do what others do not. This team created “Nuceria & The Creatives”, the project that involves graphic and advertising agencies to develop moments of shared creativity on new printing trends and new innovative and exciting designs.
Investing today in a sustainable development model means building a better world for future generations: 2020 goals

1. We will put photovoltaic systems in all plants
2. We will install digital presses also in the plant in Milan and Salerno to reduce waste and start times
3. We will use UV lamps on all printing machines
4. We will design new sustainable products for all markets
5. We will research for new environmental certifications for our products
6. We will reduce by 3% every year gas emissions which cause the greenhouse effect
7. We will provide a public sustainability report which clarifies the progress made over the last five years.
We work every day for a continuous improvement of sustainability
for our factories and our products, thanks to strategic and executive
decisions which do not have negative impacts on the environment
and people’s health. We do it and we did it every day because
for us invest today on a sustainable development model means
building a better world for future generations.
Green Materials

1. We research, develop and design new environmentally friendly materials
2. We respect the EU Reach Ec 1907/2006 Law
3. We adopt solventless printing solutions for Green chemistry
4. We promote the adoption of light weight, recyclable, FSC and PEFC certified materials.
Green Policy

1. FSC/ISO 14001:2004 / GMP Certified
2. Excellent rating according to the Carbon Disclosure Project and Ecovadis
3. Lean management applied to all plants. Decrease of 20% in volume and a fuel reduction of 5%.
4. Recovery of PET liner and silicone paper, with the guarantee and the release of a certified environmentally friendly reuse.
5. In-line suction systems for waste reduction
Green Energy

1. Photovoltaic system integrated in our Green Plants of Nocera with saving of 280 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.
2. Reduction in travel by land and by air, implementation of teleconferences.
3. CPT technologies that have eliminated chemical exposures and allowed a total water recycling. An internal system of water close to a decrease of 8%.
4. A more environmentally friendly car fleet to more fuel savings
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