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Nuceria CSR
26 Feb 2020

Authenticity is everything

I used to write a diary…I always liked to tell myself. There is a very beautiful thing about Sylvain Tesson, when she tells us that the daily appointment with the white page forces us to pay more attention to the facts of the day, to listen better, to think more deeply. To look more intensely. And to “feel.” Well, I’ve been thinking about it, so I’m telling you why I decided to write. I wasn’t very good with words. At the maturation exam, I had a very bad theme about the family that almost didn’t compromise my final grade. At the time, I did not know where the writing would take me, my Italian professor was not very good at opening windows to the world that I was thirsty for.


On the other hand, my English teacher will remain in my heart because he did not teach the subject, he taught thought. At home, my father always bought the Courier (a newspaper) and I read it with grayed hands, passionate about the articles that pleased him, those that told stories, stories of people. Even today I think they are the ones that work-all the time. Today I tell the guys I happen to meet, “you have to read the paper, and you have to do it with the paper.” Reading it on a mobile device is not the same thing, it is not for books. Let alone for the newspaper.


Challenges in life help you find out who you are, said Bernice Johnson Reagon, and that’s exactly how it was for me. If you accept the challenge of detaching yourself from the screen and getting your hands dirty, you will know that it will be worth it. Let’s come to us. I didn’t write, and yet one day Vittorio D’Amore, a freelancer who worked with our team and to whom I’m grateful, told me, we have to make a newsletter.


Let’s be clear: what does it mean for a B2B company to edit a newsletter?

What are the immediate benefits of institutional communication?


  • attracting qualified interlocutors with professional content
  • disseminating values and technical information for the promotion of education
  • supporting employer branding, for example as we are doing with our Sparkle Like A Talent column
  • being the main vehicle of an integrated communication plan, because articles have declined on various platforms.


High there. Let us stop and think about the profound meaning of dynamics. When can a newsletter be really effective?


I responded with a beautiful analysis by Paolo Crepet: life, as love, is the only “business” whose budget must end in the red. We have to give everything without calculating what is poured into us. What we give to others is ours forever, while what is held by oneself is lost forever. And so, I said to myself, I don’t want to lose anything.


It took me a few years to understand that to convey the brand you need does not only need to reach your customers, but you need to create an audience. Right, qualified, careful. Selective, as I am. Vittorio, what do we write, I asked? I was terrified at the lack of content, photographic material necessary to give appeal, but today, without presumption, I can say that I have solid experience and have become my own editorial plan. It has never been easy to get a customers’ permission to use their brand for our promotion. Never. But today, there are many of them who search to be told. And that is a credit to a collaborative relationship that we have established. On the internet, there are a lot of strategies, very general, which of course I also followed, but I will tell you what no one tells you, and that, (for me) is winning advice to be followed.


Authenticity in content writing is everything.


I write my newsletter articles alone at night, when the children are asleep. It’s not a job. It’s my passion. I tell life stories as if it were a diary, and I was perfectly able to identify my story with that of the company. All this guarantees the value of communication: authenticity, precisely. You might ask me, what does it mean to be authentic. “Find out who you are and don’t be afraid of being one.”  Ghandi supported it, not just anyone. Discovering oneself is not easy, communicating it to others, even less so. Today, communication is flat! Just think of employee branding style, with everyone taking a photo of the employee of the month as if it were a monkey in a zoo. №. For me, communication is something else. It means  whispering, going inside, reflecting, creating a stimulus.


  1. The contact list is not just a compilation of email addresses, but it must be a lively dynamic of active relationship with which real sharing exists. I live in the market (with my suitcase always at hand) and I often meet people who lend themselves to storytelling. The    personalization of the relationship is a truth that the audience recognizes, because the primary goal is not to be read, but not to be trashed.


  1. In the age of digital professionals, there is no better strategy than reputation. That starts from experience, from skills filling meaningful relationships that make sense in our lives.   Invest in the depth of your relationship with readers, customers, fans, and members of your community to deliver content that’s truly calibrated to their needs.


My authenticity passes inexorably for this deepening.


I read Alda Merini,


People happen by chance in our lives, but not by chance.


Let’s think about it. By chance… it’s a beautiful expression. At random, it’s one to be abolished. 

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