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Nuceria CSR
25 Feb 2020

Matteo, a talent not by chance

I am 44 years old and have been working in the graphics industry for more than 20 years. The desire to know and grow professionally in this area has always distinguished me and allowed me to explore new areas of expertise, starting from offset printing to the round and flexography, first as an A Preprint Operator, starting my work in the beginning of the Macintosh era, until becoming a Prepress Manager. My last experience, which then allowed me to enter the Nuceria World, was Production Manager for Artefice, a graphics agency where I was able to learn and expand my knowledge on brands and marketing and creative strategies with respect to the customer and the consumer. In daily challenges, I always like to have a phrase in mind from whom  I consider one of the leading marketing experts, Guy Kawasaki (co-founder of Apple):


When you manage to charm people, your goal is not to make money and give what you are asked, but to give satisfaction“.


Working in a company like Nuceria, which focuses on technological and human innovation, has been a natural continuation of my work experience, a garden of ideas where simple creativity is transformed into “industrial creativity” and always challenge, challenge and challenge yourself every day in the market knowing that you have a solid reality at your side that is capable of winning every challenge.


Which of your projects are you most proud of?

I definitely managed to contribute to the entry of Coop Italian Foods, foreign partner of Coop Italia, in one of the largest GDOs in the world like Walmart. We did this, through dedication and creation of a line of products dedicated to Italian excellence based on The Fior Fiore Coop products. This line, after several studies and market analysis, we called Fior Fiore Products of Italy. By naming it that and using the Italian flag, we characterized the real message that CIF wanted to convey to the market, namely a typically Italian  product, artisanal, excellent and true, a real Italian style product. This has allowed us to help the customer enter into Walmart Canada with about 100 branded products, in Ahold Delhaize U.S.A. with 150 other products, and it is allowing us to enter (2020) Russia in the Magnit chain, another important global networker.


What personal attitude have you brought to the company?

Denial, passion, sacrifice. Nothing is achieved by chance, in life or in work, and if all together we believe in a goal, then even the most unthinkable dream becomes possible. Integrating in a packaging company a range of graphic service solutions was an innovative idea that excited me, and that gave me access to a unique and demanding customer portfolio.


What are your team goals?

Goals are many and challenging. We will continue to refine a new integrated Artwork management model based on what the production is with the intention of optimizing the printing processes in the layout phase and eliminating all those unpleasant misunderstandings that still plague the Creative, Repro and Customer Dividend Market. The goal is to clearly put ourselves on the market as 360-degree packaging consultants, leveraging our skills, professionalism and experience in the graphics world. The challenging objective, which certainly cannot be achieved alone, but only with a team of professionals behind it (with whom we share successes and with whom we discuss and grow from failures) that is ready to make all necessary contributions for the group.

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