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Nuceria CSR

Nuceria, when the Creativity is part of the family
Our team of craetives and graphic designers specialized in packaging design, thanks to special tools, are able to offer a personalized consulting service. The result is a perfect packaging obtained by the sharing of all printing process phases: from birth to industrial production.
digital proofs
We reproduce your proofs with a digital printer connected to our printing machines
We print in 7 colors (including white) on the different media (film or paper).
Without any printing test, we are able to obtain a label or a case of the same color of another packaging component (cap, bottle, etc), we do it just using color reading and reproducing instruments (spectrophotometers).
Our digital proof reproduce the result of the industrial printing and make the printing process faster and leaner.
Customized cases and labels
Do you want to evaluate the shelf appeal of your new product? Do you want to choose between different variations without having to perform expensive printing tests? Now, thanks to particular digital technologies, it is possible because we are able to provide printed and cut mock-up of cases and labels (glue paper and self-adhesive) within 24 hours.
The new iCloud platform
Web Center is a platform which is accessible from desktop computer and mobile devices. Each user can access his/her "projects" space and view in real-time graphics files, and can also indicate the changes to be made, always saving the packaging “history”; the user will be notified of every transaction on the platform through an automatic notification sent via email. We build in a personalized way your "space", according to the needs of your company.
not only prints
And then there is the creativity, that gives rhythm to everything we do.
If necessary, our team is able to create an integrated packaging with a strong shelf appeal.
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