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Nuceria CSR
25 Jan 2018

San Blaise Meatballs

The Food and proper nutrition are pillars of our CuBBo and part of our identity. Through 12 special recipes, the starred chef Raffaele Vitale takes us on a journey to discover the many flavors that animate Nuceria, starting from San Blaise Meatballs, one of the street food par excellence.


Saint Blaise Meatballs
The meatballs of Saint Blase, patron of Lanzara community (a hamlet of Castel San Giorgio, in Salerno), are the highest expression of the meatball. Legend has it that one day a wolf stole a piglet from a poor peasant woman. She desperately implored Saint Blase who miraculously brought the piglet back to the peasant woman who, as a tribute to him, brought its meat to the Saint. But Saint Blase, who in the meantime was being tortured in prison, asked the woman to honor his memory by making meatballs for the people. And so, in the ancient village of Lanzara, on the 3rd of February Saint Blase is celebrated and there are meatballs for everyone.


for meatballs
500gr of country pork mince
500gr of veal mince
stale bread cooked in wood fired oven as much as it is needed
minced garlic as much as it is needed
salt as much as it is needed
pepper as much as it is needed
100gr of Pecorino cheese
6 eggs


for the sauce
3kg of San Marzano tomato
2kg of Montoro onions
extra-virgin olive oil
basil as much as it is needed


In a bowl blend all the ingredients without forgetting to wet and squeeze well the bread. Once you have obtained a well-mixed dough, start to create the meatballs according to the desired diameter, but with an average weight of 50-60 grams at least. In a separate pot, cook the tomato after having fried and browned the onion and seasoned with salt and basil. As soon as the tomatoes become shiny, put the meatballs and let them cook for 10 minutes. Then, bring them to room temperature and call the guests.


Hurray for Saint Blaise!


Raffaele Vitale
Chef 1 Stella Michelin

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